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Until now, the mainstream of investment activities has been a due diligence-type approach that accurately analyzes the actual conditions of the target (project / partner) and identifies the risks of the project. However, in an era of rapid change, that is no longer enough. A value creation-type approach that anticipates an essential increase in value even after investment is required.

Financial technology

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Financial legal affairs

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Financial tax

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We have deep systematic expertise and ideas that are not bound by common sense. That is because they are actually involved in the management of financial businesses around the world. Through solid research, we have uncovered compelling business and economic cases. Share our insights and make full use of our global network We build partnerships for action and provide support that leads to results.

Our project

  • Banking & Asset Management

    Unlike conventional banks, neo-banks specialize in settlement and remittance services targeting specific industries and economic zones. It is also characterized by its thorough systemization and extremely low operating costs.

  • eMoney remitance

    It is gaining attention as a way for the unbanked to access financial services.It will create a new economic sphere by bringing companies and users closer together.

  • Card Issuer

    We provide payment cards that are compatible with crypto assets as well as legal tender.It is attracting attention as a gateway to use diversified assets in the future.

  • Exchange

    It is gaining attention as an exchange designed from the user’s perspective, with highly convenient deposit and withdrawal resources (local pickup), and highly transparent deposit management.It is also characterized by its thorough systemization and extremely low operating costs.

  • Data Center Management

    We are constructing and operating data centers, which are expected to grow as prime real estate in the future, driven by the rapid increase in e-commerce demand due to Covid19 and the arrival of the full-fledged Internet age with the spread of 5G.

  • biomass energy

    In order to realize a decarbonized society, we aim to create a recycling-oriented society by using biological resources instead of renewable energy sources that cannot generate electricity stably.It is characterized by the use of plants and special fertilizers that have been independently researched.


Realize the ideal future.

To transform your business or business, it is important to increase the amount of information to generate ideas and broaden your horizons. However, in an era where system development at a practical level is required to realize the idea and disseminate it to the world, development support with a proven business record is indispensable.

CRM(Customer Relationship Management )System

Because we are a group that actually runs a financial versatile business, we are able to provide practical and versatile systems.

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allow companies to stay up-todate with technology, have access to urgently needed skills reduce costs and risks.

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incerease your mobile visibility and gain new customers by buildig powerful,intutive applivations



incerease the efficiency of your company by utikising custom software, tailor made for your unique needs



Analyzing the capabilities of a company, training specialists, and improving operational efficiency It helps you find the best solution.