We, the FANGS Group, as a global financial business group, aim to be a knowledge-creating company that contributes to the development of our customers and society.
To achieve this goal, we will explore the future of services and infrastructures with free ideas to build financial services that are required in the new era without being bound by existing common sense.

While in college, he started his own web media business. In order to invest the money gained from the success of the business, he immersed himself in the development of an automatic foreign exchange trading system, which was uncommon at the time, and ended up providing the logic to financial institutions and institutional investors.
In order to expand his business, he moved to Singapore in 2014. Currently, as a private investor, he invests in a wide range of fields such as real estate, mineral resources, medicine, and agriculture, while as an entrepreneur, he is involved in 24 businesses in 11 countries around the world, including the launch of blockchain-based services and card payment businesses, and is the representative of the FANGS Group. He also organizes a consulting service to help people become “asset owners, not rich” by utilizing his experience as an investor.

Founder Franky T.NagareFranky